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tv   Larry King Live  CNN  July 16, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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>> larry: tonight the mel gibson melodrama gets messier. a tape released today reveals more rage. a setup for a scam? an expert says he can prove the call is doctored. lawrence taylor's wife is standing by her man, he is charged with raping a 16-year-old. lynette taylor here to tell us he is not guilty. first breaking news from the gulf. first time in months no oil flowing from the leaking well.
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is the environmental nightmare finally over. next on "larry king live." >> larry: good evening. we begin with breaking news from the gulf. first time in months no oil leaking from the leaking well. for the latest, what happened, ed? >> we are in the midst of what bp officials are calling the integrity test. to do all this they essentially shut down the flow of oil coming out of the machinery down there. 5,000 feet below the gulf of mexico. right now nearing the end of the first six-hour window. if everything is going according to plans, we know scientists, experts are huddled up now, comparing notes and pressure readings on these, on the tests done so far to kind of get a sense of, of how this will proceed forward. so far so good. the longer that this well stays not flowing over the course of the next 48 hours, the better sign that is, larry.
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>> larry: is this it? is this the final solution? does it appear to be that way? >> this isn't going to be the final solution. because this does not kill off the flow of oil. all of this does is essentially control it. and if the cap by itself doesn't work they hope they will be able to use the riser pipes coming out of the machinery start collecting it at a rate of 80,000 barrels a day. what will kill this off for good is that relief well, right now the work is temporarily stopped while they're doing this test. but they're saying they still are on track for mid august. so essentially to kill off the well. that's why this is so significant. if this works it will save a month's worth of oil from leaking into the gulf waters. >> larry: the mood there must be pretty good, huh? >> i'm sorry? >> larry: the mood must be pretty good? >> well you know, it's interesting, what we have heard repeatedly over the last, for the last two hours, really more of a tone of cautious optimism.
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because the oil will be turned back on, in the next 48 hours or so as they figure out how to proceed forward. so but this is the best news we have seen in almost three months. i think people will take that. but they also realize there are months if not years of clean-up left to do. >> thanks, ed, on the scene in new orleans. let's go to cnn center and chad myers, chad, walk us through, how did they stop this? >> they took apart the old top of the well, larry, the riser pipe went up, it bent over, kinked it made itself unusable. they cut it off. they took it away. it still doesn't sealable. so what they did is they, take the oil away. you can see it. the original gap, here, they put on here, was leaking. it always leaked, the oil always came out the other size, because of this nipple we'll call it down here the rest of the riser pipe. it was bent. it wasn't straight.
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they brought a machine down. they took the bolts out. they took this thing away. then they brought in a brand new piece that they just built. a cleaner piece with belter edges. they brought it down. and stacked it right on top of the old blowout preventer. what that did -- that allowed now a better sealing piece to be laid on top. not that old clunky looking cap that they put on earlier. there is a nice clean ring, clamp on to the ring, now had a good seal. good seal here and good seal to the new cap. kind of a blowout preventer if you will on top of a blowout preventer. there is the old one. the new one coming out of the abyss. for a while the oil was still coming out. yesterday and today, what they did, they started turning these valves off. there are three of them up here. number of them down here where the oil used to go up to the ships, q 4,000, helix producer up to there. then the oil stopped coming out. stopped coming out today. everyone said hallelujah, it is done. it is done for now.
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it is done for -- especially, emergency purposes, when a hurricane may be coming over all the ships up above this thing. the key is i think to know that this is not the plan to keep is this way. they're going to hook all of the lines back up. turn the flow back on. and suck the oil out. they're not going to lose any this time. they have good seals everywhere. all of the oil will just go off to the ships on the surface. now what happens if there is a hurricane, they're going to try to turn it back off again. and take the ships away. that is the issue isn't it? because it's great it stopped. but, can it be stopped for good. if pressure starts to go down. they know oil is leaking some where. could leak from down here. could leak from 12,000 under the surface of the ocean. that could leak forever. >> always simple later. why didn't they do this earlier? >> yeah, it is, right? why didn't they just put that on there before? why didn't they drop that on? because larry it didn't exist.
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they started building this, literally, 80 days ago. it is finally done now. they put it -- the first day this was ready to go, after they were testing it up above. they dropped this thing down and they installed it. it started from, this has never been tried before at this depth. this is a brand new thing. they built it from scratch just to put on top of that well. >> larry: thank you, chad, chad myers, as always right on top of things. we'll check in with the mel gibson case. hear the latest recorded tirade next.
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>> larry: mel gibson news today. there was a court hearing earlier, another clip from the recordings was released. you will hear it in a minute. jim moret, is chief correspondent, "inside edition" and author of "last day of my life." and mark gerragos, robin sachs, former prosecutor who specialized in felony crimes, domestic violence, victims advocate. what happened in court, jim? >> it's hard to tell exactly, the hearings are closed. it is family court. we are told an ex-party hearing, meaning one side came in, presumably her side, oksana's side wanting to limit or completely bar the visitation of mel gibson for their daughter. she is alleging he hit her and hit her with the child. >> larry: how old is the child? >> 8 months old. >> larry: this was just about visitation?
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>> today was. there are a lot of issues. >> larry: the overall case is what? >> the overall case, the sheriff's department is investigating possible domestic violence, possible assault with a deadly weapon, a custody issue. >> larry: is the woman asking for any civil money? >> not yet. >> larry: what is this now? what is this right now? >> right now this is in the family court. to decide issues relating to support, money, she is asking for money in the sense she is asking for support, and she is asking for custody. >> larry: he is still married, right? >> they were never married. >> i don't know it his divorce is final. >> i don't know. >> larry: a criminal investigation, robin we, know that? >> yes, there is a criminal investigation going on with the sheriff's department, the sheriff's department that is out of malibu.
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>> larry: all right, portions of the audio recordings released by radar online speak to themselves. this network continues to reach out to mel gibson for a response and verify authenticity. so far he has not commented. here is an excerpt, rather, of the latest audio posting. >> you [ bleep ], and you don't care about anyone but yourself and your [ bleep ] stupid [ bleep ] career and it's ruined us. because you [ bleep ].
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>> so hard to believe. he made $800 million from "passion -- >> you listen to the tape. the first one to come out. it sounds like she is reading a script. and then you have got, then you hear today, audio experts are saying it its spliced in. >> we will have audio people on in a moment. >> with it being recorded? >> there is nothing wrong with it being scripted if you got the exception under the code. but there is something wrong if it is scripted and you are splicing and dicing the tape together. l >> this is a two party consent state. you are supposed to tell someone. there are exceptions for certain criminal behavior. it seems to fall within the exception. >> larry: how are we hearing these tapes, jim, who has them? >> the court had them. but the question is, how did radar online get them. >> larry: who is radar online? >> radar online is a celebrity
12:13 am
website. and the court was very clear to oksana, you are not to release these. the court had them under seal. somebody released them. >> i'm not so sure today, today's hearing. because it is closed, i am not so sure that his side didn't go in there and ask for an osc in order to show cause they're in contempt because they're being leaked presumably he is not the one leaking these things. >> larry: obviously. >> there is a lot of people though who have a motive to leak the tapes. anyone who wants some cash. radar online pays for their tapes. there is no belter way, could be a low level employee. >> larry: who could have had the tapes? >> there are so many people who have access. in and out of police stations. can't tell you i have seen evidence on detective's guests sitting there getting ready to get classified. >> what if the tapes were placed under seal prior to being turned over to the police. >> that's a little different situation. >> if they're placed under seal
12:14 am
why are you going to ask the judge to place them under seal if they have been given to somebody else. the only reason you are asking them to go under seal, "judge, i have got this piece of evidence, this is something i don't want to get out." or asking, "judge put it out." >> larry: you are an attorney, too, aren't you, jim. if she put it out is she in contempt. >> yes. but she claims and radar claims they did not get the tapes from oksana. she made the statement. i did not release the tapes. >> she would be stupid to do it that way. if she leaks it she gives it to an intermediary. >> the damage is done to mel gibson's career, his reputation. >> you know what, there is a certain part of the public i think if it turns out in fact these are spliced, diced you don't know what the context is and a set up. a lot of people do not think that is a good thing. plus there is a lot of people if a there true feel uncomfortable listening to them. >> larry: you can't entrap, an individual can't entrap another individual. news be the police. >> the police would do
12:15 am
entrapment. extortion or blackmail if by an individual. the splicing and dicing we are talking about. splicing and dicing we are seeing is splicing by radar online to make a 30 minute tape last through a week of news media. >> that's not true. yes they are taking excerpts, but there are people who have listened to that who have said now that those conversations that are supposedly one right after another, hear, reading and then him responding. are cut and spliced. >> larry: as an observation no one in this, radar, is very nice so far. >> nice -- >> larry: why are they doing this to people? why are we hearing this? >> mel gibson hit his wife and threatened his wife. allegedly. allegedly. >> larry: how could he hit her on the phone? >> at other timed he allege lead hit her. >> larry: let me get a break. first wife says never touched her. at least one audio expert says the tapes have been doctored. he says he can prove it. he is here next. and if you named your own price on car insurance,
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>> larry: a forensic audio expert. he is president of creative forensic services, he is in auburn, maine. paul ginsburg, also a forensic expert, professional audio lab he's worked with the cia, fbi, dea and other agencies and he is in new york. have you heard the original recordings or this all based on what you have heard on radar? >> just what i have heard on radar, larry. >> larry: paul have you heard the original recordings? >> no i haven't. that's the problem. because we are dealing with copies and downloaded material. and in those processes, that is the copying and downloading, a number of artifacts can be generated that can -- that can prove to be problematic. >> larry: you agree, arlo. >> that's true, paul. yes, absolutely. he is right.
12:20 am
>> larry: and neither of you are associated with either oksana or mel, right? >> correct. >> larry: let's listen to an excerpt from one of the previously released recordings that radar online claims is a phone call between mel gibson and oksana gregoria. >> larry: all right, arlo, you believe that recording and others have been doctored? based on what? >> well, if you listen to her voice when she is agitated, when she stops her speech, her dialogue, there is a transient there. and like paul said we are
12:21 am
getting this off radar, so he is right, there could be a problem with that. however, what i am seeing there looks very similar to a start, stop transient to me. >> larry: what does that mean? >> it sounds to me like -- well it is an electrical impulse that is recorded when somebody hits a pause button or stop button. i'm not sure how the recordings were made. everybody has been calling them tapes. they're obviously not tapes. i believe they're digital recordings. >> correct, correct. >> would you agree with that, paul? >> yes, for that reason i don't think what we are hearing is something that would be a top/start, which you would expect to see on a wave form of a tape recording. in the digital world, you can, you don't need to have any stops and starts if you are going to be editing. >> larry: arlo, why is her voice
12:22 am
-- why is her voice so distinctive and his not? >> well i think, i think she's were professionally made recordings, larry. i think that somebody helped her. and that she may have been speaking into a large diaphragm microphone, frank piazza from agreed with me. in fact he was the one that used the term, large diaphragm microphone. i agreed with him there. she was using a high quality, good quality microphone. why her voice sounds so clear. >> larry: paul, what do you make of that? >> larry, i have got a little chart here to show you. on the bottom, this is frequency from, from 0 hertz up to high frequency. and this part is -- the male voice. and this excursions are the female voice. you see how much more frequency there is in these female
12:23 am
portions. >> larry: why? >> that's because she was talking into a digital recorder using a high quality microphone. and his voice was coming over a -- speaker phone. >> larry: okay. so you both agree then that she was setting him up? >> well, wait, i didn't say that. i said that she was making the recording. at her end for whatever purpose she was gathering evidence. >> larry: what other purpose would it be? >> i think she was being coached. she had help. >> if she was feeling threatened and wanted to gather evidence to take to the police to show that that was going on, i don't know that that was setting up. but, i don't know what her mind set was. >> larry: do you, are you saying, paul, it was not a doctored tape? we aren't listening to something that was, some body fooled around with it. >> based upon my examination, again, we are dealing with
12:24 am
copies that were downloaded, it's laughable as far as evidence goes. but i do not see any evidence of specific points that would really come out to me and say this is a real problem. the voices are two different levels, two different qualities, and his voice has distortion consistent with coming out of a 1 inch speaker of a speaker phone. and the context seems to be continuous as well. what we do have are -- segments. >> hold on a second. let me say one thing, paul. please, if you listen to the babysitter tape, larry, have you played that? >> larry: no, i haven't. >> babysitter recording, i should call it. obviously they muted out the babysitter's name in that recording. >> correct. >> so, to say that they're not edited i mean, come on that's an edit. >> i was talking about edited
12:25 am
other than for legal reasons by the web site. >> well we, don't know the website, did it, paul. that's the problem. we don't know how it got edited who did it. because the evidence is flimsy. you are right. absolutely right. we are working with copies. >> if the people on, on the west coast claim for mel gibson that these have been edited and they have proof, i believe really, the only thing they could be referring to is the fact that we have segments, none of these conversations has a beginning, only one of them has an end with a hang-up. so, we don't know how long the actual full conversations were. or what order. >> arlo. paul? paul, you are not -- paul you are not suspicious. arlo you are suspicious can we say that? >> well, yeah. one of the recordings has a ring at the beginning.
12:26 am
and there is a transient, i don't know how it got there, like paul said could be anything that caused that. we don't know. we don't have access to the originals the real problem here. >> larry: thanks, guys. arlo west, and paul ginsburg. i get it. i don't know if we will ever solve it. editor of radar online, david perelle has given cnn a statement, responding to reports that purported gibson recordings were altered. he says, quote, top experts have certified the tapes are genuine and authentic. to say otherwise is simply a defense strategy. mel simply cannot deny he said these hateful words, spewed these vicious rants, had these conversations. the real question is when will he take responsibility for his words? we'll be back with our group after this. thanks to the venture card from capital one,
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>> larry: back with jim, mark, and robin. what did you make, jim of that little debate? >> look, we hear the tapes.
12:30 am
you can talk about ed its. there were names removed. you hear mel gibson or some one purportedly mel gibson saying these hate-filled words. mark and i, were saying off the air, i don't know the tapes will ever come in as evidence. but we have heard them? >> larry: if they don't? >> if they don't he is damaged outside of court. there is bigger problem as side from the tape. you may have a witness from a dentist who has photographs taken the day after this alleged attack. that could be evidence. you may have a witness in the son who may have seen or heard something. that's evidence. >> the tapes are corroborating her prior allegations. that is going to make the difference between filing and not filing. >> larry: is there a crime in words? >> there is. >> larry: can i commit a crime by saying something? >> you can commit a crime with a threat so long as there is reasonable fear, injuries, hitting, alleged injuries from the past would substantiate the fear. >> larry: why haven't the place charged him? >> there wasn't a fresh complaint. if there is a zero tolerance policy in this county.
12:31 am
if you pick up the phone and start to say hey my husband, and hang it up, they're out there at the house if they say it was a mistake. arrest you. $50,000 bail on your way to the jail. >> larry: you mean, based on the attack? >> based on anything that you claim, there is a zero tolerance for domestic violence. doesn't matter man or woman. >> larry: does he get special treatment? >> no. i've don't know if he is getting special treatment. it is not unusual when the complaint about the domestic violence is delayed, then they'll initiate an investigation. >> larry: from a pr standpoint should he come forward now some where? >> from a pr standpoint he should say nothing. i really mean that. >> larry: you would advise him to say nothing? >> there is no way he will say anything. he can't. if he says something about the tapes, as radar is baiting him into it. you authenticate a tape that has real problems on the face right now. you will never do that. it is an admission. exactly what the police would want him to do to make a case. there is no way.
12:32 am
tackle the publicity agent that tried to get you to do that. >> larry: from what you know, robin, would you prosecute him? >> absolutely. he would be prosecuted so fast. there is terrorist threats. the threats. essentially assault with a deadly weapon. with the teeth injury, domestic battery. those are all felonies could be charged as misdemeanors depending on the extent. >> can you imagine you charge teeth missing as a misdemeanor, you, you? >> i wouldn't charge it as a misdemeanor. >> felony. she would put gbi, great bodily injury, ask for $500,000 bail, screaming from the rooftops. >> that's right. you would be saying he is not guilty and the whole world has it mistaken. >> larry: you are with "inside edition" do you think his career is over? >> i don't think his career will ever be what it was. i can't imagine a redemption from this. >> he says he is stroke. >> doesn't he own an island. >> he supposedly made $800 million on "passion of the christ."
12:33 am
look, i don't know what his divorce settlement is costing. even if it is half. >> larry: is it strong that his first wife say he never harmed her or raise herd voice. >> there is something to be said for that. here is some one that has been with him, lived with him. i will tell you one thing if he had an ex-wife that was saying he was a serial beater, everybody would be trumpeting that, you would have gloria allred here in a red suit saying that is compelling evidence. so, you know, there is something to be said for that. number one. number two, i don't know it its completely over. there are things he said there that, that are awful. i mean, there is, i'm sure he hates himself for saying it. but, remember, itch it turns out that these tapes were diced and spliced, easy for me to say, and it turns out she back filled the questions, based on taping these, and then taped this whole thing and put it through. the american public doesn't like that. people don't like a set up. >> larry: no one likes that. >> you have to remember his first wife has an interest in making sure he is still employed
12:34 am
she has seven kids that child support depends on him working. him out of a career. >> you are so skeptical. >> half of $800 million, what does she care? she could live off the interest. $400 million is still real money. >> it sounds like radar online has 30 minutes of tape. we have heard what? >> 20. >> ten more minutes to come. >> thank you all, jim, robin, mark. guarantee they will be back. a corridor of cruelty, abused animals, many victims of dog fighting are dumped and left to die. those are the lucky ones. cnn's hero stumbled across this gruesome place and simply could not turn her back. watch. the first time i ever went to the corridor, i realized there were strays everywhere. so many dogs that were starving. dogs with broken legs.
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and i parade and i parade that somehow i could be inspired to do something to help. i'm deborah hoffman and my calling in life is to save neglect add bused abandoned animals. this street is one of the major dumping ground. we'll find dogs that we believe are used in dog fighting. in large trash bags. >> oh, yeah. back in here. >> deborah hoffman was a person who brought to our attention the fact that the corridor of cruelty even existed. deborah is saving the animals and because of her, there are some happy endings in this situation. >> come on, cody. come on. >> this is what i am going to do rest of my life. when i am 85. i will be on my laptop trying to save an animal from my rocking chair. >> larry: since 2008, deborah hoffman and her organization have helped get nearly 100 animals off the street and into safe havens. to see how an abused dog's life
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>> larry: the former hall of famer, maybe the best defensive football player ever to play the game, lawrence taylor has pled not guilty to charges that he raped a 16-year-old girl earlier this year in a hotel room in
12:39 am
rockland county, new york. his wife lynette was in the courtroom during tuesday's arraignment proceedings. she is in miami, we're in los angeles. how are you and l.t. doing after all of this? >> we're fine with each other. you know, fine as can be expected given the circumstances. >> larry: how did it hit you when this first happened then you heard about it. you are the wife? how did it hit you? >> well, when i first heard about it my sister called me and she's like, is everything okay? i an like what do you mean everything is okay? she said, well, lawrence is on the news. so i turned it on. and i am going to tell you it was like the most crazy thing i have ever -- it was like they made it seem look he went up on a school yard and snatched some girl off with pig tails and drug her back to his room, beat her, and raped her and stuff. and i'm like this is not true at
12:40 am
all. there is no way in the world that doesn't even make any sense. i wasn't able to speak with him immediately because at that time he was still in custody. but when i spoke with his friends and everyone else and then i spoke with him later on that evening, it's just so, so unfantastic. it really is. >> larry: you didn't -- didn't you suspect something lynette? he wasn't charged with beating a girl up in the school yard. he was charged with raping a girl in a motel room who was underaged. the girl was in the room, do you believe that? >> she was in the room but she let herself inside of the room. he didn't open the door. didn't go strolling. >> larry: what did he tell you? what did he tell you what happened so we can clear it up from his end? what did he say to you? >> the truth. trust me, i know everything as if i were inside of that room, okay.
12:41 am
everything, every detail, every single word. everything that happened. everything that went on. i know everything. >> larry: what can you tell us? awe thought he didn't rape anyone. he didn't have sex with anyone. he didn't call a pimp. he did not go cruising down, you know, stroll where prostitutes hang at. he didn't do an of those things. >> larry: what was the girl doing in the room? >> the girl was in the room because she let herself inside of the room. >> larry: she had a key? >> see, what a lot of -- no, no, no. a friend left he left the door propped open because he had been back and forth in the room, in and out of the room. he forgot to put the chain, lock thing. he didn't close the door. the same way the police got in. >> larry: how did she know? >> that's in the reports as well.
12:42 am
>> well, pretty much, everyone in new york knew that lawrence was going to be in new york. he was doing an autograph signing session the next day. if you go back to his 60-minute interview, he explained to you, that he and his friend they were sending hookers to each other's rooms and stuff like that. this was really an extortion prop, extortion plot that went wrong. because he didn't fall for -- he didn't fall for the bait. i'm sorry. >> larry: i got you. you are saying that he was being set up? >> yes. yes. i mean, it's obvious. and it's like, okay, she called her uncle. she texted her uncle, help me, i'm in trouble, whatever. how did her uncle know exactly where to go, where to send the police? oh, she is a runaway. her parents live in virginia. but she is in new york and her,
12:43 am
her uncle, she's been missing for months but he knew where to go send the police to? doesn't make any sense. >> larry: all right, we'll be back with lynette taylor. he has had his problems over the years, why does she trust him so much now? does she think he did anything morally wrong? we'll talk with lynette taylor right after this. built with quality and backed with the best coverage in america including a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. that's 40,000 more miles than ford. chevy silverado half-ton. a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest lasting full-size pickups on the road. now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,800. 100% natural nuts and granola in bite sized clusters. it's a little bit of nature...
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>> larry: before we get back with lynette taylor, let's check in with anderson cooper down in bayou country. big news today. on "ac 360" good news, right? >> good news indeed. for the first time in 87 days, 87 days torn thousands of lives apart in the gulf, the oil stopped leaking from the underwater pipe in the gulf there. the pictures late afternoon engineers were able to stop the flow as part of the pressure test they have been talking about for days. a victory to be sure the everyone from the locals to the governor to the president of the
12:47 am
united states is cautioning not to get too excited. this is a first step. we are going to talk about how it happened and what is next with chad myers and james carville about what people are afraid of down here the world's attention will move away and there is so much work to be done. after exposing the massive delays in getting humanitarian aid through customs in haiti, we have exciting new information tonight that changes, major changes could be on the way by the haitian government. we'll report on that. the stories, a lot more at the top of the hour, larry. >> larry: ac 360 with anderson cooper, 10:00 p.m. eastern, 7:00 p.m. pacific. we're back with lynette taylor. you were at his arraignment, charged with third degree rape, allegedly engaging in sexual intercourse with some one younger than 17, the document released said he admitted to police that he paid $300 to engage in sex but thought she was 19. >> no, wait a minute. >> larry: what's the difference? what is going on? >> there is a difference between
12:48 am
paid and gave. there is a huge difference. okay. anyone who, if, if he is an alleged john or whatever, everyone knows what the price of, everyone knows that is a high price, okay. it wasn't about paying any one anything, it as it bout giving someone money. it is a big difference. >> larry: all right, why did he give her money? >> because she sat there telling him about all the problems she had. >> larry: so this woman -- >> that's what -- >> larry: i'm trying to figure out. >> i'm listening. >> larry: we're getting lost in each other. yeah. >> okay, if you are asking why he does that? he always, we go to restaurants and waiters, our favorite restaurants. they fight over who is going to get our table. because he overtips. he overcompensates for things.
12:49 am
that's just him. i mean it's like i said. i have a $11,000 bill from a golf course because he pays for everyone to play golf. and it's like he is just that guy. he is the guy that is going to pick up a check all the time. so i mean for him, $300, here, here is $300. will this help you out any. it was very much that. but, see this is what i am saying. now trust me when you said, before you want to the break, that, why do i trust him so much. it is not that i trust him so much. it's just that i know the truth. you know? there is -- there's a difference. i don't understand why no one -- why people have a problem with trusting him. okay. he used to do drugs. he had problems with taxes. his child support. none of those things have anything to do with raping or having sex with a 16-year-old girl. i don't know how in the heck someone could say, that's not fair, that's not right. >> everyone is innocent until --
12:50 am
when we say trust, you said that you know -- >> unless you're a celebrity, because -- >> larry: that's true. but you weren't there. so it comes down to trust. lawrence is selling you the story and you believe him. you weren't there. >> uh-huh. >> larry: so it is trust. >> i wasn't there but i got to the bottom of it. >> larry: by talking to whom? >> well, talking to him, to private investigators to different people and we've found out quite a bit. >> why, then, do you think the police arrested him if you had all of this contrary evidence? >> because he's lawrence taylor. if it wasn't lawrence taylor, this wouldn't even be news. this wouldn't even be a big deal. i mean, but it's a big deal because the media is making it
12:51 am
like it's so fascinating, like, oh, my gosh. he's an animal and this and that. and, i mean, it's like -- even when we went to court, it's like everyone there is like, this is a joke. all of this is circumstantial. and here's another thing that i don't understand. if everyone is believing what this victim said, the police just took what she said and just before doing an investigation, went and arrested lawrence, because they believed her and found her to be credible, then why couldn't he believe her if she told him that he's 19. why is it a problem that he believed her? that part is beyond me. >> larry: how is he handling all of this? >> well, it's like the way that he's handling it is -- >> larry: yeah. >> naturally, he's not happy about it. he's not pleased about it. but i'm like -- we'll get through this. we can get through this. so, you know, he has a good support team.
12:52 am
>> larry: we'll be back with more moments with lynette taylor, the wife of lawrence taylor. build a car you're proud of. ♪ of course, winning's not bad either. the subaru forester. the most award-winning small suv. isn't it nice when honest virtues win ? that's why we created the tide "loads of hope" program,
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we're back with lynette taylor, the wife of the former nfl star, lawrence taylor. if he's convicted, he could face up to four years in prison. are you ready to deal with that? >> you know, i'm not really giving it much thought because i'm not trying to have to deal with it. >> well, he got pretty angry. he told one reporter it must be a slow news day. he urged another to grow up. he was pretty feisty. >> let me explain it to you why that happened. when we were walking into the courtroom, the reporter asked him a question. lawrence, are you guilty of these charges? the grow up thing, i wish he
12:56 am
would have choose different words but it's like, are you serious? i'm really going to stand here and tell you that i'm guilty, that i'm innocent, why would he sit here and explain that to you. so, yes, it was a very ignorant question. i don't even know why they have her as an interviewer. that was stupid. as far as a slow news day, yes, that was very necessary to say because the cameras are not allowed inside the courtroom but reporters are. there was barely space in the courtroom for us to sit down. and as soon as he got up, everyone in there walked out with him. it was ridiculous. we thought there were people there because they had different cases going on, they were there for different things. no, everyone in the courtroom, obviously, they are all reporters, so, yeah, it did seem like a very slow news day. some things i wished that he kept to himself. all of those things, they all made sense.
12:57 am
but it's like because he said that, can you believe he said that. that's just ridiculous. >> larry: you said there's no -- >> the questions were stupid. >> larry: i understand. you said there's no problem legally. do you have any questions of your husband morally? >> okay. as far as what i cannot -- morely, yes. but that's for god, him, me, to deal with. >> larry: right. >> yes, he should have told her, get the heck out of my room. but i can't explain why men do what they do. that doesn't make sense to me. i don't understand why we're fighting a war over oil instead of spending that money on discovering ways to not need oil. i can't say that. but here's the problem. when i say this was an extortion plot that went awry, did you
12:58 am
know that girl was 16 but he didn't have sex with. let's move on to plan b. let's say that he raped you and sue him and still get money. all right. this -- this is the most silly ridiculous thing in the world and i don't know -- it's like, oh, now she's a prostitute. how in the heck do you rape a prostitute. she's a run away. good girls do not run away. i'm sorry. i've been a 16-year-old girl, a 19-year-old girl. i didn't leave my home. and that's what happens. people need to tell their kids, that's what happens when you run away from home. when you leave the sanctuary of your home and your parents, yes, there are bad people out there, pumps waiting at bus stops and things like that. stop running away. i'm not attacking her but all i'm saying is, i don't understand how -- it's like, oh, she's only 16. 16 is so young. 16-year-old's are driving our cars, working in our stores, serving our food.
12:59 am
they are old enough to have jobs. she was hold enough, if she wanted to get help, get help. why did it have to be a rich guy before she decided, oh, i don't want this anymore? it doesn't make sense. >> larry: is l.t. with you now in miami? >> yes, he is. >> larry: he's doing okay? >> he is doing as well as he can be. >> larry: when is the trial scheduled? >> they haven't set a date for that yet. and then as far as this indictment thing -- >> larry: quickly, if you can say it in ten seconds. he was indicted. >> okay. as far as indicted thing, as weird as it sounds, we wanted that.


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